The Tradistae Podcast

#13 - Fr. Alek Schrenk on the Embertides

July 28, 2020

Father Alek Schrenk of Pittsburgh graciously joins us to discuss the theology and liturgy of the traditional "Emberdays" (also called the Embertide). We discuss why these seasonal devotions are important to recovering a spirit of penance, vocation, sacramentality, and integral ecology in the modern world. Father offers some recommendations for priests who want to restore the practice of the embertides in their parish.


Spiritual Practices for the Embertides:

Winter (Advent) Embertide | Tradistae

Spring (Lent) Embertide | Tradistae

Summer (White) Embertide | Tradistae


Announcement for Ecological Embertide Livestream by Fr. Alek


Traditions around Ember Days | Fish Eaters

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