The Tradistae Podcast

#18.5 Against Billionaires: the Thomistic Argument (Part 2/2)

September 19, 2020

Elliot, James, and Tom continue our discussion and consider how Thomistic economic principles (and the love of Jesus Christ) applies to the existence of billionaires. 


Wealth, shown to scale

Thomas Aquinas on Money: ST I-II Q2 A1 co., on theft in case of dire need: II-II Q66 A7, on the profit motive: II-II Q77 A4

"History's Largest Mining Operation is About to Begin" | Atlantic 

"A Shocking Percentage of World's CO2 Emissions Is Directly Traced to Multinationals" | Science Alert


0m The Thomistic case against billionaires

11:30 Thomist thoughts on the definition of "theft"

15:00 Discussing hoarding, and the wealth of billionaires shown to scale

26:25 The environmental issue; the impossibility of regulating billionaires

34:08 The love of enemies vs. class envy

47:20 Spiritual warfare and the rampant occultism of the billionaire class

55:00 Closing Prayer


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