The Tradistae Podcast

#35 - Dr. Levi Russel on Usury

January 19, 2021

Thomas interviews economist Dr. Levi A. Russell, a fellow at the Leonine Institute, on usury and the "Solidarism" of Pesch, a Jesuit economist.

Resources on Solidarism

Ethics and the National Economy by Heinrich Pesch, S.J.

PDF: The Economics Ideas of Bernard W. Dempsey, S.J.

An Introduction to Pesch's "Solidarism" by Rupert J. Ederer

Ederer's review of The Church and the Market by Thomas Woods

Dr. Russel's review of Trent Horn's anti-socialist book

Episode #26: Interview with Amar Patel

Resources on Usury

Easy Essay: Understanding the Social Sin of Usury

An Introduction to Thomistic Economics | Tradistae

Mentions of Usury in the Catechism of the Catholic Church: § 2269 and § 2449

Brian McCall's "Unprofitable Lending: Modern Credit Regulation and the Lost Theory of Usury"

Zippy Catholic's "Usury FAQ, or money on the Pill"

"Usury and Interest: Correcting Modern Errors" (A policy paper of the Leonine Institute)


Catholic Economics Roundtable (this Saturday Evening)

Vigil for an End to Abortion (January 28th-29th)

New Polity Conference (March 19th-20th)


Outro: Easy Terms 

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