The Tradistae Podcast

#45 - ”Anabaptist Integralism?” ft. Peter Mommsen

September 14, 2021

(Join us this week in prayer and fasting for the Fall Embertide!

Peter Mommsen, editor of Plough magazine and a member of the Bruderhof speaks on behalf of the total pacificism of the Christian Anabaptist tradition. Malcolm, a Catholic and host of Happy Are You Poor, looks for guidance in the orientation and life of Saint Benedict.

Our host, Sean, navigating between integralist, liberation theology, and Catholic Worker traditions brings on these two guests to ponder questions like: "Can there be a Chrisitan state? What kind of politics should a Christian work towards? Does the Sermon on the Mount forbid killing as a soldier or policeman? What did the early Church teach and live on these matters?"

"Pick the Right Politics", Peter Mommsen's editorial for the Plough issue on non-violence. 

"Rescuing St. Benedict from Culture Warriors", by Malcolm Schluenderfritz

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Outro: "Leben Aus Der Quelle" by the Holzland Bruderhof Youth

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