The Tradistae Podcast

#51 - A Distributist Deep Dive w/ Chris Smaje

March 9, 2022

A deep dive with Chris Smaje on the definition of "ecomodernism", the limits of socialist theory and rhetoric, modes of property ownership, how the "Small Farm Future" aligns with distributism, to what degree we need an "ideology" or "doctrine", re-discovering ecological spirituality, civic republicanism, virtue ethics, peasant revolutions, and the best avenues and organization for practical action (including Extinction Rebellion). 

Sean and Chris discuss political theory over at the latter's blog: 

Closing Song, performed by an English land justice artist: "Three Acres and a Cow"

Chris Smaje's book, A Small Farm Future:

Sean's introductory interview with Chris: 

Sean's audio essay, "Log Off for Lent": 

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