The Tradistae Podcast

#9 - Whig Thomism: Against Acton Institute

May 14, 2020

Tom and James discuss "Whig Thomism", in other words, the attempts by Michael Novak, Fr. Sirico, and various other perverters of Catholic Social Teaching to make capitalism and liberalism seem compatible with the Holy Faith. From out-of-context quotes to fallacious claims to rejecting Papal authority, we break down how Acton Insitute has worked hard to disguise, distort, and deny the guidance of the Social Encyclicals. 

Critiques of Whig Thomism

"Integralism and Gelasian Dyarchy" | Pater Edmund Waldstein, O'Cist.
"The Eclipse of Catholic Fusionism" | Kevin Gallagher
"Is Acton Institute a Genuine Expression of Catholic Social Thought" | Thomas Storck
"A Brief History of Recent Catholic Political Discourse" | Tradistae

A Sampling of the Vulgar Lies of Acton Insitute

The Return of the Catholic Whig” | Michael Novak, 1990
"Beyond Distributism" | Acton Institute Blog, 2008
"The Divine Economy: On the New Papal Encyclical" | Fr. Robert Sirico, 2009
"12 Reasons Not to Expand Medicaid" | Acton Institute Blog, 2014
"Laudato Si': Well Intentioned, Economically Flawed" | Acton Institute Blog, 2015
"A Free-Market Agenda for Rebuilding from the Coronavirus" | Acton Institute Blog, 2020


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