The Tradistae Podcast

Update: Easter 2021

April 17, 2021

Sean Domencic, director of Tradistae, 1) gives a brief overview of what he's been doing and where he's been speaking for the last month, 2) discusses the discernment and logistics happening behind the scenes at Tradistae, and 3) announces the new schedule and focus of the Tradistae podcast and website while offering some recommended listening. 

The new Tradistae contact page:


The New Monthly Tradistae Schedule (April 2021)

1st Week - Hangout with Patrons

2nd Week - Public Podcast

3rd Week - Easy Essay (w/ Audio)

4th Week - Patreon Podcast


Podcasts to Listen to:

  • New Polity
  • Solidarity Policy Podcast
  • The Liberation Theology Podcast
  • A Day A Week
  • The Josias
  • Catholic Culture Audiobooks
  • Aufhebungabunga
  • Lectures of David Harvey

Audiobooks on Librivox:

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